Near Sutri there are many centers and places of great artistic and landscape.

A few kilometers along the Via Cassia north, are within an hour drive up, Capranica, Viterbo, Montefiascone and finally Bolsena with lake Bolsena and Bagnoregio; to the south between the Via Cassia and Via Flaminia Nepi it has a beautiful medieval center, Calcata with the old abandoned village and waterfalls; west to less than twenty minutes away is the Lake Bracciano Trevignano Romano.

From the point of view of landscape, the roads that branch off from the Cassia towards Ronciglione and Soriano del Cimino, with the way Cimina in particular, are immersed in the green among hazelnut, chestnut.

Many of these roads are considered to be of considerable interest, so if you have time there to recommend.


Capranica is a town of 6,673 inhabitants in the province of Viterbo in northern Lazio precisely Tuscia. It is one of the Italian municipalities crossed by the Via Francigena.The old town of Capranica, even closed by two doors not far from each other,[...]


The city is famous for the transportation of the Santa Rosa machine, traditional and spectacular event that takes place every year on the evening of 3 September, in honor of the patron saint: an illuminated structure, 30 meters high and weighing 52 t[...]


Vallerano (2667 pop. 2010) is an Italian town in the province of Viterbo; is 18 km from the capital.Religious Architecture Shrine of Mary the Stream of Blood Donors by 1993. It dates back to the early seventeenth century (1605-1609), built on a[...]

Soriano nel Cimino

Soriano nel Cimino is an Italian town of 8,473 inhabitants [3], the province of Viterbo, in the Lazio. It is 15 kilometers from Viterbo and is the largest municipality in the district of Monti Cimini, in addition to being one of the most populous pro[...]


Bagnoregio is an Italian town of 3,665 inhabitants in the province of Viterbo.EVENTS Festa del BoscoOrganized in October by the Pro site, it spends in the second or third week of October, according to the ripening of the chestnuts. The event - well k[...]

Trevignano Romano

Trevignano Romano is an Italian town of 5,819 inhabitants in the province of Rome, located between the northern coast of Lake Bracciano and the slopes of Monte di Rocca Romana.Religious Architecture Church of Our Lady Assumed into HeavenThe church bu[...]


Ronciglione is an Italian town of 8,945 inhabitants in the province of Viterbo, precisely in the Tuscia, located along the route to the west of Lake Vico Via Francigena; from the capital is about 20 km from Rome and about 55 km.WHAT TO VISIT Church o[...]