Sutri and its Monuments

Since the time of the Etruscans, Sutri and its territory have always had a strategic importance: Sutri was in fact Etruscan bulwark against Roman expansion and transit of trade and pilgrims to and from Rome during the Roman Empire before and during t[...]

The Old Town of Sutri and Etruscan Ruins

Sutri is a village perched on an imposing tuff relief of the lower Viterbo, just 40 kilometers from Rome.The origins of Sutri have ancient roots (it seems to date back to the Bronze Age), so that the city boasts the title of "very ancient city of Sut[...]

The History of Sutri

Founded from pre-Roman Italic peoples, Sutri was a flourishing Etruscan town situated at the southern edge of Etruria.With the rise of the power of Rome and the wars between Rome and the Etruscans, Sutri found himself in the middle of contention afte[...]

Calendar of Feasts Cities in Sutri

January 17 Feast Of Saint Anthony  - parade of "Two Cavalry". The first Sunday after you race "of the Star Race".  From Thursday to Mardi Gras Carnival Sutrino  - parades, games and dances, accompanied by masked balls and masquerades.[...]