Vallerano (2667 pop. 2010) is an Italian town in the province of Viterbo; is 18 km from the capital.

Religious Architecture

  • Shrine of Mary the Stream of Blood Donors by 1993. It dates back to the early seventeenth century (1605-1609), built on a design by Vignola. Among the major works contained within it, should be mentioned: a Madonna Assunta in the sky by Giovanni Lanfranco (1582-1647), the Ecstasy of St. Charles Borromeo Pomarancio (1552-1626), the fresco of the grandstand wall, depicting a miracle of the Virgin, by Francesco Vandi.

The plumes of the gift of Bastiani dome. The monumental organ over two thousand of 1644 is then CGBurzi Felice Ercoli and finally the Priors brothers. Staying in the summer of 1707 at GFHaendel Francesco Maria Ruspoli in Vignanello Castle, one kilometer away, used to go to play the instrument and 18 June 1707 in the presence of the Farnese lords of Vallerano and Ruspoli introduced the famous "Salve Regina" with daisy Durastante soprano and himself the organ.

  • Church of St. Andrew. Built in 1512 by the Farnese family of Parma, and rebuilt in the second half of the eighteenth century. This is a triptych depicting the Assumption, work of Carolino from Viterbo 1478.
  • Church of San Vittore. Built in Romanesque style before the sixteenth century, it is important for the valuable coffered ceiling consisting of 116 boxes (1762). The pipe organ dates from the second half of the seventeenth century, while the baptistery of 1450.
  • Church of Pieve. Also built in the Romanesque style in the twelfth century, it contains traces of wall paintings, but it is deconsecrated.
  • Church of the Oratory. Built in the seventeenth century, it is in a state of neglect in the medieval village of the country, near the former hospital of Vallerano.
  • Church of the Holy Cross. Outside the old town, on the road to Fabrica di Roma, it is this church, built around 1600 on projects of a pupil of Vignola.


In the second half of August it is held every year the Festival of San Vittore Martire that, in addition to providing historical pageants and concerts, culminating with a fireworks display of the most renowned of the Italian center.

Has some relevance, it is a traditionally recognized product, the festival of Vallerano chestnut. It begins the second weekend of October to 1 November inclusive. Every Sunday morning there are guided free visits to the historical center, the old wine cellars, the Sanctuary of the Stream and the local companies. During the festival alternating folkloric groups and flag bearers. In the days of the festival are distributed roasted chestnuts in the square, there are stands where you can taste and buy local products.

For the occasion are opened cellars, where you can taste typical dishes of Valleranese kitchen.